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I especially enjoy the Ud played by Richard Hagopian. To hear this wonderful Armenian music visit Folkways:Richard Hagopian. Unfortunately, I have not seen him perform a Kef live. He only comes to my area once or twice a year. The last two times I had car problems and he was playing an hour away. Maybe next time.

Richard Hagopian was born of Armenian parents. At the age of ten, he began studying the `ud with Kanuni Garbis Bakirgian. Today, Mr. Hagopian is an `ud virtuoso. He performs at many folk festivals and Armenian events. He is the recipient of numerous grants and awards.
History and description of the `ud

Sweeter than wine

From the grapes of Mt. Ararat's valleys,

Notes from Richard Hagopian's `ud

Ripened with his voice,

More intricate than the vines,

Harvested in culture and traditions,

Continue to thrive at Armenian celebrations

Generation after generation.

Armenian Dance

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Gypsy Fire

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